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An avid fitness and nutrition enthusiast since the age of 13, I have always wanted to improve myself in every way possible. At the age of 19 I put all excuses behind me and decided to start pursuing bodybuilding. I set out to make a drastic transformation over the years and stepped on stage to win my first show by the age of 24 after dropping a whopping 40 pounds!

Ryan Fitch


Amandas Transformation Picture

Amanda, a single mother of two who has an incredible story in which she struggled with YoYo diets, losing weight and gaining it back consistently. She thought it was a never ending uphill battle when it came to losing weight.

Until she decided to put all excuses behind her, changed the way she thought about losing weight and dropped 70 pounds! She started eating for health and weight loss by feeding her body on a regular basis, eating tons of green veggies and being physically active. All of which MDR teaches. She is now a fitness fanatic and loves her newfound lifestyle. 

Amanda Smith

Dental Hygienists

Mike Transformation picture

Mike, a full time UPS worker and uber driver on the side, who lost a total of 55 pounds in 6 months by completely revamping his lifestyle. Mike went from being an excuse maker to a doer. He decided to put his ego aside and ask for some help to gain his health back. From that moment on, he’s continued to live a healthy lifestyle that gives him enjoyment in life. 

Mike Mojzisik

UPS Driver

Check out what people are saying about our GREEN Smoothies! 

Check out what people are saying about our GREEN Smoothies

 "The green smoothies are fantastic! Already three days into the challenge and I have already lost 2 pounds and feel way more energized!" - Casey

"Can not believe how awesome these smoothies taste! Would recommend them to anyone!" - Josh

"I am surprised to find myself making smoothies from scratch, having kale & spinach for breakfast…hard to imagine. I’ve found that making them fresh is far easier than I imagined, they’re very good, & they keep me from being hungry in the morning." - Kathryn 

"I wanted to say that being a part of the challenge has actually helped me to be accountable and make the smoothie every day. No longer do I say, I don’t feel like it or I don’t have the time in the morning..haha! Plus it is a lot of fun experimenting with new ingredients." - Dawn

Team Members

Josh Revised Headshot

Josh O’ Donnell

I’m 28 years old. I am originally from New Hampshire but now live in Valdosta, GA. I have a beautiful two year old girl. I have a passion for Health/Fitness and dream to share that passion with the world.

Cara Head shot

Cara Reid

I started off as being a track star in High School which propelled my fitness and nutrition career. I have a son, Hudson, who is now 7 years old and my goal is to inspire mothers across the world to stay fit and active while being a devoted wife and mother.

Ryan Ok This is it

Ryan Fitch

An avid fitness and nutrition enthusiast. Fitness was brought upon me by my father at the age of 13, roughly a year before his passing. My goal in life is to bring healthy eating and fitness in an easy format and to inspire others through my lifestyle.