September: Growth & Traffic Report

September: Growth & Traffic Report

Welcome to the first installment of many to come.

Every month starting now, we will be publishing and outlining major happenings that are taking place on the MDR site. We plan to show you a behind the scenes look into what a fitness blog entails and how its growing. Lastly we will include some of the major lessons we have learned throughout the month and what our goals are for the next month.

Important Happenings In September

  1. Signed up for three years worth of web hosting through
  2. Started to block off time to write articles. (This is huge lol).
  3. Established Google Analytics to see where traffic is coming from.
  4. Created a number of videos for our YouTube channel. Click here to see my YouTube Channel
  5. Redesigned our website on Sept 19th to make it more visually appealing and easier to navigate.
  6. Picked up a 50mm f/1.8 lens for our Canon and a Neewer Stabilizer to shoot better quality videos.








What we learned

  • Business development. When starting a blog and getting it up off the ground it definitely takes a lot of hard work and patience. Everything from making the site exactly how you want it, to developing content for your readers, to creating workout videos. But I will tell you, once you get everything done, its well worth it.
  • Videography and Photography can be quite challenging but fun at the same time. Learning to get a good “Bokeh” (blurred background) in pictures is super fun to create. The way it highlights the subjects and blurs everything else out is quite amazing. Blurring the background in videos… Now thats another challenge that we are still trying to hone down. 
  • We realized the structure of our website before, wasn’t the greatest. It didn’t have that “clean” look and feel to it. We also realized that it wasn’t speaking to our audience like we wanted it too. So we changed it to be more visually stunning, easy to navigate and to have that “clean” look. So we hope we got it right this time! :)
  • Waiting to establish Google Analytics until now was a BIG mistake. However, that is something that we realized and now we are capitalizing on it. The power behind Google Analytics is simply amazing.

 What’s Next?

Our next steps involve focusing our efforts on creating content to drive traffic to our website through Facebook and Instagram. I might start diving into the realm of SEO to help bring in more traffic as well. This is going to be something that we experiment with down the road. 

This next month is also going to focus on finishing up our “At Home Workout Challenges” which includes a beginner, intermediate and advanced guide. Once the last two books are complete we will be releasing them all for free.

Check out the Fitness Assessment Calculator to see where you stand as far as a beginner, intermediate or an advanced user. 

This about wraps it up for everything that happened in September. Tune back in next month to see what kind of improvements we have made! 

Looking forward to creating this journey. 



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