October: Growth & Traffic Report

October: Growth & Traffic Report

Welcome to the second installment of our Growth & Traffic Report!

Every month starting now, we will be publishing and outlining major happenings that are taking place on the MDR site. We plan to show you a behind the scenes look into what a fitness blog entails and how its growing. Lastly we will include some of the major lessons we have learned throughout the month and what our goals are for the next month.

Important Happenings In October

  • I QUIT my job! 
  • We posted 6 new videos to our YouTube channel, if you haven’t checked them out, click here
  • Mandy has now joined the MDR team full time
  • The MDRN Fit program is in the final stages of development. Put me on the priority list now
  • Our wedding is ONLY 5 months away.
  • The website is now fully optimized for SEO and Analytics


Whew! This was a pretty big month for us. As you can imagine quitting my full time job can bring a lot of stresses, especially paying for our wedding! Cara is definitely stressing out. However I have never felt more free in my entire life. It is such an incredible feeling being able to work on my own terms and doing the thing I am most passionate about, getting people in shape and changing their lives. Of course I am a tad bit stressed about the wedding as well :)

The things is, we ALL go through certain struggles in our life and this is just one minor struggle we are going through. As long as we keep moving forward with the things that we are passionate about, I know that making a livable income will follow. The point of this growth and traffic report is to give you a glimpse into our lives with running and operating a nutrition and fitness business but to also hold myself accountable with continually improving each month. 

How do I know we are improving? Its 100% based on the results I am able to help all of our clients achieve. The more and more people I can help on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, the more we are helping to fight the obesity epidemic. Which has been my goal from the start. 


Our sole focus for the next couple of months is to engage with people on social media, post videos regularly on our YouTube Channel, perfect our programs we are developing and answering any and all questions that you have for us.

If there is anything you would like to know or if you want to leave any comments, please do so below! 

Looking forward to hearing from you

-Ryan & Team MDR



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