Have you ever experienced low energy from cutting carbs?

Have you ever experienced low energy from cutting carbs?

When it comes to dieting nothing gets shunned upon worse than carbs. There has been rumors that if you’re looking to stay lean or get trim you should only eat carbohydrates in the morning.

Though this may be true, typically when you cut carbs out entirely you tend to feel more drained. At least for awhile. This can be avoided with the proper carbs spaced out correctly throughout your day.

With that being said we have realized that there is a huge misconception of what carbs are and what they do for your body.

They are the main source of energy for our bodies and our central nervous system. I.E Your brain and spinal cord. A lot of people think carbs and overall calories just give you the physical energy needed to make it throughout the day or a workout. They are also in fact what gives you the mental energy too.

You want to choose carbs that have at least some other nutrient in them. If its fiber, it’s going to digest much slower.

Which would make a sweet potato a better choice then white rice. Same reason a cup of berries would be better then a type of pasta.

On the other hand, if you had 12 ounces of organic whole-pressed juice, that’s the same amount of carbs as a cup of pasta, but without the fiber. (Juicing is the process that extracts most of the insoluble fiber out of the fruit and vegetables while the soluble fiber remains1) Juicing is so big right now, but people don’t realize that fruit juice (not veggie juice) can actually have a ton of carbs in really small quantities. Drinking juice won’t keep people full very long, and so they find themselves eating frequently, when really, if they’d just had something with fiber, it would’ve kept them feeling fuller, longer.

If you are going to be juicing a great thing to do would be to drink a smoothie instead. The smoothies allow to put things such as oatmeal, flax seeds, spinach, kale or eggs into them to help maintain the much needed fiber intake to stay fuller longer.

Now throughout this you have heard me mention a few times that you should be more selective on the carbs you are eating. With that I am saying maybe you shouldn’t eat an eggo waffle every morning and a bowl of lucky charms.

When I talk about the right kind of carbs I am referring to the Resistant Starches. Hundreds of studies conducted at universities and research centers have shown Resistant Starches help you eat less, burn more calories, feel more energized, be less stressed, and have lower cholesterol. In time, this will help you to trim inches off your waist

Most low-carb diets limit you to fewer than 30% of total calories from carbs and sometimes contain as few as 30 grams of carbohydrates a day. Research done at the University of Surrey in the United Kingdom found that consuming Resistant Starch in one meal caused study participants to consume 10% fewer calories (roughly 150 to 200 calories for the average woman) during the next day, because they felt less hungry.

So when it comes to dieting, trimming out and getting the goal physique that you want. Yes, you can do it with a carb free diet but as I said in the start… That is something I don’t recommend starting out with. Now, a carb free diet may be right for you if you are one of the Carbohydrate intolerant people out there. Then I’d say that is the route that you’d want to go and if you are carb intolerant stay tuned for the next blog. You will enjoy it.




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