November: Growth and Traffic Report

November: Growth and Traffic Report

Welcome to the third installment of our Growth & Traffic Report!

Every month we will be publishing and outlining major happenings that are taking place on the MDR site. We plan to show you a behind the scenes look into what a fitness blog entails and how its growing. Lastly we will include some of the major lessons we have learned throughout the month and what our goals are for the next month.

Important Happenings In November

I can not believe it has already been roughly 6-7 weeks since I am now self employed. Its still a crazy experience that I wouldn’t change for the world. I will say though, it does take a level of discipline to continue waking up early in the morning and start grinding. 

Since I absolutely love what I am doing, it rarely feels like “work”. I say “rarely” because I still have to take breaks from time to time. But mostly that consist of me hitting the gym or hanging out with Cara and Hudson. 

Here’s what happened in November 

Videos posted last month: 6… Videos posted in November: 17

We reached over 1,000 page views on our website.

Roughly 10,000 people have viewed my videos through Facebook or YouTube. (This is crazy to me)

 The Post Holiday Detox Challenge that we have been working hard on is now complete! (Launch date is Dec. 15th) 

The MDRN Fit program is complete minus a few odds and ends. If you still haven’t gotten on our priority list, click here for all of you ladies. and all the gentlemen click here.

I finally set up our Facebook “Pixel”  


Social Media

Last month we posted 6 videos on YouTube and in November, I was able to publish 10 videos on YouTube and then another 7 or so on Facebook. 

I have been getting better and better at doing them but I am still a complete rookie! lol. We all have something that needs to be improved on and for me, its creating videos. 

If I get in the mindset of “Just do it” I am much better at creating them than if I were to sit around and think about it. 

I think it is absolutely crazy that roughly 10,000 people have seen my videos in some sort of fashion! This is really exciting. 

My goal for this month was to engage with as many people as I could on social media and I can definitely say, we have been doing that very well. I plan on continuing this steak and upping it even more. 

Facebook Pixel

This is something that sparks my interest. Its crazy how much power Facebook has with targeting people and collecting data. Basically what the pixel does is if you click on any links or pages on my site Facebook collects that data and stores it in an “audience”. Now with me having this audience, I can now figure out what information interest you the most and I can make more valuable content specifically for you.

The pixel will allow me to specifically target everyones interest. This is a win win scenario so now you will see more material that YOU want to see and I now know what I can and should be creating! 

So whats coming up in December for MDR?

On December 15th we are launching our Post Holiday Detox Challenge which is going to officially start on Jan 2nd. Registration will last for two full weeks. We are SUPER excited to show you guys this challenge and show you how it can massively help you out after the Holidays are over. Make sure you keep an eye out for that.

December is going to be a month where I try to create as many videos as possible and go “LIVE” on Facebook whenever I can get a chance. 

My goal is to just provide all my readers with accurate and sound information that can help them succeed in achieving their health and fitness goals. 

If there are any topics you would like me to cover this month, go ahead and leave a comment below. Im curious to what you would like to know/learn. 

 P.s. We will soon be announcing our Honey Moon destination!! 


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