December: Growth and Traffic Report

December: Growth and Traffic Report

Welcome to the fourth installment of our Growth & Traffic Report!

Every month we will be publishing and outlining major happenings that are taking place on the MDR site. We plan to show you a behind the scenes look into what a fitness blog entails and how its growing. Lastly we will include some of the major lessons we have learned throughout the month and what our goals are for the next month.

Important Happenings In December

This was a HUGE month for us. We had a ton going on with setting up our “14 Day Post Holiday Detox Challenge”. Who knew it would of been so hard to set up a challenge. I try to be a “perfectionist” though so that was probably a huge part of it. 

I was also travling a lot to Valdosta Georgia, which is where I pretty much grew up at. One of my buddies Jake Reeves opened up a new gym called The Ice House so we were doing a ton of filming up there and creating content. You have probably seen some of the videos that I created of the gym. This video here is actually super dope! Check it out here

We have a lot of exciting things that are going to be happening in the next couple of months, don’t worry, you will have a front row seat as to whats brewing!

Well here is a list of what happened in December. 

Launched our Post Holiday Detox Challenge and had over 1,000 people sign up!! (Our goal was 500 people) Such an amazing feeling to being able to double your goal. 

I posted a video where I talked about Inflammation and how it could be holding people back from reaching their goals and that video was viewed over 7,000 times!!

I made strategic partnerships with likeminded influencers in Valdosta.(Terence with D & T personal training, Chat with DuMealz and Jake with The Ice House). With everyone in the fitness world always trying to do “their own thing” we decided to go against the grain, partner up and help each other out whenever we have the possibility to do so. 

Half of visitors to our website were new visitors which is awesome! 

Our page views actually decreased this month. (I believe this is due to keeping all of our engagement on our Facebook pages). 

The amount of videos I put out this month decreased. (I believe this is due to focusing on generating leads for the challenge).

Our Facebook Pixel has been picking up some awesome insights on people who actually visit our site. This is a game changer. Definitely still learning this whole side of the game. 

The Challenge: 

I wanted to make sure I really delivered on putting on an amazing challenge so I was in the zone with making sure everything was perfect. With that being said, my video production definitely slacked off. I am ok with this though because all of the work I put into the challenge definitely paid off. (I will have numbers and results with the challenge at the end of Jan :))

I know for a fact, we will be putting on challenges more often too. Challenges are so fun to create and they get people super excited about being healthy and getting fit. I love seeing this and building a community. 

So whats coming up in January for MDR?

We are launching our Modern Fit Programs on the 16th (The day after the challenge is over). So I know January is going to be an extremely busy month making sure everything is well prepared for that. 

The challenge will be taking place on January 2nd. I will be providing tons of value to everyone in the Facebook group. 

Those two things alone are going to take up all of my time! 

Welp, its time to get to work. Sorry this update was a bit shorter. I promise, the next one will be much longer :p 

Talk to you later.

P.s. We decided to go to Mexico for our Honey Moon for 7 Days!! We are so pumped for this!!

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